How to Support the Ministry

Kerith Springs Lodge will need the blessing of God and the financial partnership of God’s people. Kerith Springs will operate as a 501 C 3 organization, describing our vision and seeking the financial partnership of foundations, corporations, churches, and individual believers.

Financial Need

Vital to the whole concept of Kerith Springs Lodge will be acquiring the funding to allow pastors and their wives to enjoy the full amenities of the retreat center at minimal or no cost. The availability of the lodge to pastors of every size church and all income levels is absolutely central to the vision. The yearly on-going operational expense is estimated at $36,000.

Our desire is to place this vision before individuals and organizations that would be able to help fund the ongoing costs of ministry. Instead of begging or cajoling people to help, we want potential donors to feel the same as we do: Drawn into action by a vision of strengthening Christ’s church through the leadership of encouraged, well-rested, and better equipped local church pastors. A presentation of our business plan will be made to companies and individuals who are willing and able to help fund the ongoing operation of the lodge. Because this is a 501 C 3, all donations are tax deductible and the KSL leadership are committed to use money only for the purpose for which it was donated. Full and open accounting is available for all donations. Details of totals are available upon request.

If you would like to speak to Eric or Stu about your interest in supporting Kerith Springs Lodge, please let us know the best way to connect with you (email or phone). Contact us at or 541-788-0633.