Why support the ministry?

A recent study of major professions in America highlighted the top three most stressful positions: university president, hospital administrator, and local church pastor. On crisis-call 24/7 and pouring themselves into the struggles and heartaches of their flocks, over forty percent of pastors—and nearly fifty percent of pastors’ wives—report suffering from burnout, frantic schedules, and multiplying, unrealistic demands.

Kerith Springs Lodge exists for only one reason: to encourage, refresh, and strengthen the hearts of an invaluable group of frontline Christian warriors… the pastors of local churches, and their spouses. Frequently criticized, overworked, underpaid, and taken for granted, these shepherds can become especially susceptible to discouragement, burnout, marriage and family struggles, and a loss of vision and passion for the calling that once energized their lives. In 1 Timothy 5:17, Paul reminds everyone that “the elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching.”

Every local pastor has the potential of making a profound and permanent difference where the Lord has placed him. Empowered by God’s Spirit, the pastor’s moral leadership, his week-by-week teaching of God’s powerful Word, his encouragement of fellow believers and his compassion for the struggling and the discouraged can produce an exponential impact in a given community. Men and women, teens and children come to Jesus Christ. Marriages steer away from the divorce court back into health and healing. Discipled believers reach out in turn to disciples others. And local churches become saltier salt and brighter lights in the cities, towns, and villages where they have taken root.

There was a time when Christianity and the church shaped the social, political, moral, religious and intellectual landscape of the United States. A time when average Americans knew their Bibles well enough that it had a strong influence on their lives and our countries culture. A time when our fundamentals of freedom and justice were firmly embedded in biblical truth. No longer. What has changed? 

KSL believes the effectiveness of the local church to influence society has declined significantly since the founding of our nation. We believe Gods Primary agent in advancing His Kingdom today is the local church. It’s the ONLY institution that Jesus spoke of building (“I will build my church”) to influence the world we live in for Christ. Jesus Christ has established His church to be the prevailing influence on the mind and heart of our culture...”a city on a hill”. We have a saying at KSL….”as the leaders go, so go the people”. 

American churches reflect the soul of the nation, and church leaders fulfill the most strategic function in influencing spiritual values. Healthy pastors nurture the moral and spiritual development of our country. The stakes are large.