67750 US-20
Bend, OR, 97701

For a get-away to truly be a get-away, it has to be…away. Kerith Springs Lodge is located on the sunny east side of Central Oregon’s Cascade Mountains, near the picturesque little town of Sisters.


The lodge is located within a half hour drive from the Redmond airport, where several national airlines provide multiple daily flights. The ranch is located approximately 3-1/2 miles Southeast of Sisters on highway 20 between Sisters and Bend across from the Sisters rodeo grounds.

Three towering 10,000 foot mountains, “The Three Sisters,” loom over this lovely corner of the Pacific Northwest. Individually named Faith, Hope, and Charity, the Three Sisters—in company with towering Mount Jefferson and Mount Washington will remind guests of the goodness and limitless power of their Creator. Sisters is centrally located for pastors from Northern California to Canada, and because of its unique climate and beauty, will attract shepherds from across the United States and beyond.